Bubble Pop Plus!

Изтегляния 5k - 25k
Версия 1.2.5 Преди 2 години

Описание на Bubble Pop Plus!

The best shoot-bubble style game!

Are you a super fan of bubble style games? Are you tired of the monotonous scene and the same playing method of the classic shoot-bubble game but you still can't help enjoying it!

Bubble Pop Plus will give you much more fun! It has a variety of bubbles. The stone bubble can bust all the bubbles on the way of soaring into the sky! Oh! Be careful of the underwater mine, which will speed up the bubble to decline! Colorfull bubbles, progenitive bubbles, bubbles hidden gold coin and much much more interesting fun are waiting for you! Come on! It is so easy, but it is not tedious at all and even more challenging!

Much more interesting levels are coming soon!

How to play:

1. Your goal is to clear the bubbles and bust the hidden heart bubble.

2. Gain more gold coin to open more interesting levels.

3. A bomb can bust all the bubbles surrounded!

4. The stone bubble can bust all the bubbles on the way of soaring into the sky!

5. Be careful of the underwater mine,which will speed up the bubble to decline!

6. Much more is waiting for you to discover!

Highlight Features:

1. Exciting new bubbles and power ups!

2. Fresh and beautiful style,high quality HD graphics!

3. Three star ranking system!

4. Well-designed levels give you much fun no matter you are a new or expert player!

5. Openfeint leaderboards supported.

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APK информация за Bubble Pop Plus!

APK версия 1.2.5
Съвместимост Android 2.3+ (Gingerbread)
Разработчик Pop Casuals
Политика за поверителност http://m.ezjoygame.com/files/PrivacyPolicy.htm

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